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Weekly Meeting VI

Today I conducted the sixth weekly meeting with the focus of preparing for the coming events: storytelling in the pre-school on Oct. 12th. We reinforce the reasons behind speaking to 3-year-olds as our very first practice. If one can grab those kids’ focused and prevent them from rolling on the floors through engaging narration and interactions, the speaker will be able to get adults’ attention easily. Instead of speaking directly with an outline, I created a script with exact word choices and questions for interactions before the meeting.

  • Mrs. Fisher emphasized the importance of solidifying the content and the sentences in story telling to professional storytellers.  It is trough practice that those storytellers can create the effect of ” unfolding the content”. I do recall listening to Carmen Agra Deedy at TEDx Charlottesville. She sounded like weaving the stories while on the stage. However, a solid script was written down beforehand.
  • Rehearsal is key to the success. I have to practice at least twenty minutes everyday to deliver my presentation smooth in front of the live audience.

Other Details:

  • Each presentation is about 10 minutes long. And I will be presenting to four classes in pre-school.
  • Visual aids will need to be printed out.
  • According to a pre-school teacher, there is a new-arrived Chinese girl with little English that requires my extra attention. I am expected to make a connection with her in terms of learning and adopting in a new environment.
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