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School Election Speech

On May 3rd, I delivered my speech on school election. I originally wrote a speech which would last around 5 minutes. My goal was to exhibit my passion for changes in the St. Anne’s-Belfield community, My main focus and hope was to strengthen the relationship between boarding and day students. I also wanted to demonstrate to the graduating senior class my capability of shouldering the leadership role and sustaining my community involvement in different ways. Because the Class of 2017 contains many of my dear friends who have been supportive throughout my journey here in St. Anne’s.

I started my speech with a shout out to Andrew Culver, one of the competitors on the election day. Many people later questioned the necessity of dedicating my beginning of my speech entirely to one of the competitors.  During the year 2016-2017, the mainstream politics and elections have been dominated by candidates criticizing each other. And one of the messages I wanted to spread was that the friendship and bond are still the most valuable thing for me and for everyone here in STAB.

Though I did not win the speech, I still believe the election speech was one of the most successful ones I have ever had. I believed that I spread my message.

Here is the link to the original speech

Here is the link to the shortened version due to time restrictions on stage.

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