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Comparative Analysis: Jobs, Ryan, and Wallace


Rubric Standards Jobs – 2005 Stanford address Ryan – five essential question at Harvard Wallace – 2005 Kenyon Commencement
Ideas Look back to reconnect the dots Ask the right questions Liberal Arts ed teaches thinking
Organization Unique structure which involves three separate stories back tied together with elevated messages. Very simple structure but works well together as a piece. Very standard structures centers around 5 essential questions

Because of the venue, a large chunk of the speech, in the beginning, includes a tribute to the year  

Standard structures with a great leading anecdote. Combine stories/ scenarios with messages. Elevate the message gradually. Make transition during scenarios.
Voice The transition between each story sets the tone. Noticeable amount of use of “we” and “you” which works fine considering the context and his message. Deriving suggestions/ messages from personal experience. Main message is told in an abstract language compared to the stories. When telling and depicting the scenarios, the voice gets personal but also universal which connects with all audience
Word Choice Simple and straightforward sentences in general. Gives a conversational and approachable feeling. Conversational. There are not a lot of words that stand out. Conversational during

The language used in the stories contains clear emotion and purpose.

Sentences flow
Delivery Smooth delivery in general. Constant shaking and moving of the body may be a little distractive. But works fine in this venue because of his forcefulness, also considered his position as dean. Very calm voice, occasionally slow down and emphasis meaning
Pathos/ Ethos/ Logos Among three stories, the last one evokes most emotion. Very strong logos demonstrated through the organizations Evoke emotion in the stories/ scenarios with excellent word choices
Other comments The speech works well partly because the speaker is Steve Jobs. His story is well known to most audience and students. To some extent, his character has already overshadowed the success of the speech. Strong piece in general and fit to the overall venue. As a dean, what he shows on the stage makes him both an approachable mentors and experienced educator. Wallace’s piece is a great one to listen to. However, some audience may feel like his speech has seemed to define the liberal arts education into a way too narrow interpretation.


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