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Comparative Analysis: Monologues on Vegas Shooting

Three monologues are in strong contrast with three ceremonial commencement speeches I read previously. They are comedians who appear on the television daily trying to entertain the audience. Three comedians build their message based the long-standing relationship that they have sustained with the audience and also take advantage of that: share the message with their own respective audience and encourage them to do something regarding the gun violence. It is important to understand the context of the monologue and the speaker’s’ relationship with the audience which can be very different, say, Steve Jobs appeared at Stanford graduation.

Rubric Standard Jimmy Kimmel Stephen Colbert

Conan O’Brien

Commonality All three of the speakers emphasised “common sense” and incorporate bits of politics in their talks. But they all keep the main purpose in mind which is to spread their messages out by pausing the routine comedy show, sustain the audience’ hope, and encourage them to make changes.
Ideas Encourage audience to sustain hope, urge the government to change laws, and do something. The audience should not accept gun violence as normality and answer cannot be nothing.  Encourage the government to pass “common sense” regulations. Inform the audience that this type of event should not be normality. Encourage the audience to help.
Organization First debrief of the event, then establish the argument that gun violence should not be the normality, finally makes transition to “common sense” to encourage action Open with emphasis on the comedy show vs. sharing tragic news of Vegas.

Ask rhetorical question “what are we willing to do to combat pure evil?” to make transition

First debrief of the event, then his job experience as the comedian facing gun violence as rare occasion vs. now as normality
Voice calm voice, very obvious contrast with his usual humorous tone Lots of intense emotion conveyed through the language.

Some anger.

Lots of emphasis towards the end of sentence: “doing nothing is cowardice”.

Outrage but hopes
Sentence flow N/A N/A N/A
Word choice Very straightforward language. Lots of use of negative words: “doing nothing, cannot, any” to stress meaning lots of anger but hopes

Wordings like “The sounds of automatic weapon” and ““mass carnage in most affluent country” to stress gun violence does not make sense

Pathos/Ethos/Logos Use of pathos such as “children without parents… special ed teacher”

Use of pathos “nothing we can do about it”

Use of pathos “five people shot and killed but did not even make to the news”

“As bullet flew” “Practically unheard of”, “head writer standing” and “files of shooting event in Late Night host” to create a personal scenario as the host and how he feels when facing this situation..

“as a father” this can usually relate with audience.

Other Comments Suggests connection to the temporary politics such as “Build wall, travel bans” to argue that the administration and the people should be able to do something related to gun control.

Did criticize some politics within the congress especially gun lobby, but emphasis more on applying common sense to this issue

Parallel structure: “it took courage…, it took courage, it took courage”

Keep the politics in mind but strong direct address to Donald Trump and encourage the president to do something

Short but strong
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